June 2016
Classicism Reimagined: Master Paintings and sculpture 1700 – c. 1950
This is the first catalogue produced by Lullo • Pampoulides that accompanied our inaugural exhibition in our newly refurbished gallery on Cork street, London, during London Art Week 2016.
Its aim was to explore the debt that artists and craftsmen from the early 18th to the mid 20th centuries owed to ancient sculpture. While many of us are be aware of the debt owed particularly by neoclassical painters and sculptors, how many of us really consider the influence of the ancient masters on, say, early photography, modern British portraiture or, indeed, modern art in general?
This catalogue corresponds to our principal ambition; to help art lovers of all ages and backgrounds to engage with paintings, sculptures and works of art from all periods, all schools and across all price levels.

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